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Boracay Beach

Among all the tourist destinations in the Philippines, the island of Boracay would be one of the most famous destination.  The island's long white beach boasts of its powdery soft white sand and striking crystal blue water.  This makes it among the top getaway destination among local celebrities and foreigners alike. 

The island paradise is located of the coast of Caticlan in Aklan province.   It may be reached through the Caticlan airport which is the nearest airport but only serves smaller planes.  Kalibo Airport also serve Boracay which allow bigger plans to land.   From Kalibo Airport, one has to take an hour bus ride to the Caticlan Jetty Port, while from Caticlan Airport it just take about 5 minutes to get to the jetty port.   At the jetty port, visitors are signed up and required to pay for environmental tax and arrange for a jetty ride to the island.  From the Jetty port, it takes about 15 minutes to reach the first boat station. 


Travel packages to Boracay include land and sea transport from airport to hotel.   The transfers may also be arranged with the hotel or from the Tourist Information on the Jetty Port.  

The most visited part of the island is White Beach which is also the center of all activities in the island.   It stretches 4 kilometers long and is divided into three boat stations, Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3.  Along this beach is lined up by different resort hotels that range from reasonable accommodations to upscale.    


Station 1 has the widest beachfront area where some top luxury resorts are located, like the Waling-Waling Beach Hotel Boracay and Pearl of the Pacific Boracay Hotel and Spa. Station 2 is the commercial shopping center of the beach where the D'Mall is located. There are also some high-end hotels on this station such as Boracay Regency, Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel, and Boracay Peninsula.  Station 3 is the quietest section of the beach and the first boat station from Caticlan where native style bungalows and upscale hotels are located. Hotel Isla Boracay and Boracay Ocean Club are in this section to name a few.  


In Getting around the White beach, one may walk the 4 kilometers long stretch of the beach or opt for rentable scooters and mountain bikes for flexibility at a reasonable price. One may also opt to ride tricycles to get to the desired location with a standard rate of PHP 7.00 per person.   


Along the beach, a variety of souvenir shops, boutiques, and tattoo stalls may be found. Some high-end shops may be found at D'Mall. Bars and Drinking Joints may also be found to cater party people, mostly in Station 1 and 2 areas.  


There are also different restaurants that sprawl in the beach front and a food joint known as 'Dampa' may be found near D'Mall which was patterned to the 'Dampa-style' of restaurants common in Manila where visitors buy their fresh seafood from a central market and have them cooked as they please in the restaurants around the market. 


Also along the white beach front of Boracay, sand castles are erected daily in different sections of the beach.  Resorts also have some of their resting benches settled along the beach with the view of the different sailboats on the island. 

A wide array of water activities are available in Boracay, such as Banana Boat riding, Parasailing, Helmet Diving, Flying fish, Jetski, Kayaking, Island hopping and many more. Some hotels provide a list of water activities together with its prices but expect for a little bit pricey but if you are on tight budget, you can opt for someone along the beach that offer these activities where you can bargain for prices.   


Island hopping is the perfect way to explore the islands of around Boracay. A half day tour that will take one to Puka Beach, Crystal Cove and Crocodile Island where one can snorkel and feed the fishes.

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