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Boracay Island Hopping

Among the top water activities tourists can enjoy in Boracay and the best way to explore the island is doing the Island Hopping. Tourists can opt for a whole-day island tour which every hotel offers and it comes with a packed lunch or a half-day island tour which normally boatmen around the beach offer and it is less expensive.  

A half-day island tour itinerary consists of Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove and Puka Beach. Going there from the white beach, one will meet up to the boatman on the agreed time and place and also one will ride a 5 minute tricycle ride going to the docking area where the outrigger boat is waiting. 

At the docking area, one will ride a 15 minute boat ride going to Crocodile Island. The boatman will provide life vest for safety precaution. During the travel, one will see how beautiful the surroundings are.  


Reaching the Crocodile Island, one will opt to feed the fishes and swim along with them or stay in the boat and feed the fishes. The island is the favorite place for snorkeling and diving activities for its clear vision of water. After about 15 minutes, the boatman will tell its tourists for the next stop which is at Crystal Cove. 

It will take a 15 minute boat ride from Crocodile Island to reach the shores of the Crystal Cove. After docking at the beach, the tourists will be met by a signboard that bore “Welcome to Crystal Cove The Dream Island”.

To explore the island, one will need to pay an entrance fee amounting to PHP200.00 each or $4.00USD and that includes the unlimited stay and used of the island facilities. Also, it is better for the tourists to bring with them their life vest as to they will use it later. Crystal Cove has two caves to explore. To get to the first cave, one will need to follow a 10 minute trek. It is a long trek but it is worth seeing once the tourists reach the cave.  


Before entering the cave, one will need to put on a life vest and remove the shoes or slippers because it is better to climb down barefooted because it is slippery and for safety purposes also. Once inside the cave, the first thing the tourists will hear is how strong the sound of the wave is that rampages the water against the rocks. The tourists can enjoy the water by snorkeling and swimming. 


Exploring cave 2, one will need to trek longer under the hot sun through a vigorous uphill and downhill path for about 15 minutes. At certain times, the tourist can notice how beautiful the scenery is. 

Reaching the main entry point, one will need to pass thru the water trail that will lead to a tunnel.  

At the end of the tunnel is where the cave 2 is situated. The tourists can also enjoy snorkeling and swimming. Also, don’t forget to take a picture and appreciate god’s creation. 


Going back, one will need to pass thru again the tunnel and the water trail that will lead to the main entry point. At the main entry point, the guide will show the tourists a much shorter way going back to the shore. Before leaving the Crystal Cove, one may have their opportunity to take pictures before going to the last island, Puka Beach. 
To get to the Puka Beach, one will need to travel for 15 minutes from Crystal Cove to reach the shores of the beach. The beach is made from puka shells bleached white in the sun. Also, the island is small that similarly it served only fewer commercial services and also a good spot for a picnic.  


The main livelihood of the locals here is to make and sell jewelries that are made of small puka shells, where the island is famous for and where the shells originated from. 

After the tiring half-day island tour, one may have their lunch at the docking area where limited small canteens maybe found or go straight to white the beach where many restaurants are found. 

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