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Sagada is a travel destination for tourists who want to go caving, hiking, backpacking, spelunking and camping. It is 140 kms from Baguio City another tourist attraction. This place is popular to visitors who want a cool to cold climate, view of the mountains and its rice terraces, and to those who love adventure. Sagada can be visited all year round but try to avoid the rainy seasons as the roads sometimes are covered with landslides. Another reason why tourism is booming in this little town is because of the organic fruits and vegetables one can eat at a very cheap price. There are a lot of other reasons why Sagada should be in your list of travel destinations.


There are several ways to reach Sagada. Tourists can bring their own vehicle but be sure that the vehicle can pass thru rough roads. Another means of transportation is the bus trips from Manila going to Bontoc then ride a jeep to Sagada. Another route will be to ride any provincial bus bound to Baguio then ride another bus to Sagada. Buses that have daily trips bound for Baguio from Manila are usually Victory Liner and Dagupan bus. While the bus that goes to Bontoc is Cable Tours. Overall the estimated travel time is around 12 hours.

Tourist Spots and Activities

(Insert images Entrance at Sumaguing Cave, Hanging Coffins, Hanging Coffins at Lumiang, Kings Crown Rock Formation, Rice Terraces, View from Kiltepan Peak, Turtle Rock Formation)

It is advisable when touring Sagada especially the caves it is recommended to hire a tourist guide. Also hire a vehicle to reach tourists spots that are quite  far from the municipality.

Following are pictures of Entrance at Sumaguing Cave, Hanging Coffins, Hanging Coffins at Lumiang, Kings Crown Rock Formation, Rice Terraces and View from Kiltepan Peak in the same order)


Here are some of the well known tourist spots:

Sumaguing and Lumiang Cave – For the more adventurous person one can enter the Sumaguing Cave and exit at Lumiang Cave. At the entrance of Sumaguing cave you will be welcomed with some coffins and human remains that can be seen. There are a lot of small passages that will lead you to the exit which is Lumiang Cave. This activity requires tourists to rappel, crawl, hike, climb and pass thru pools of water. Here you will be able to see the famous rock formations such as rice granary, giant cauliflower, and the Kings Curtain. Upon reaching the exit which is Lumiang Cave you will be able to see a lot of bats at the ceiling of the cave.

Echo Valley – From the municipal hall you can walk to Echo valley. Here you can view the Hanging Coffins and can shout and here your echo thus the name Echo Valley.

Kiltepan Peak – The view at Kiltepan Peak is spectacular especially at sunrise.

Rice Terraces – Tourist can hike thru the rice terraces. There are lots of this wonderful terraces around Sagada and its neighboring towns.

Bomod-ok and Bokong Falls – Bomod-ok is for Big Falls and Bokong is for Small falls. You will need a tourist guide and hire a vehicle to get to the falls. Tired from hiking at the rice terraces taking a short dip at the cool water of either Bomod-ok and Bokong Falls can give you a relaxing feeling.


There are no hotels in Sagada. One can only find guest houses, inns or resthouses. Sometimes during the peak seasons all the guesthouses are fully booked you can try talking to one of the locals and ask if they have an extra room for you to stay. The locals are extremely friendly and are always willing to help.

Here are some:

George Guest House
Travellers Inn
Gecko Inn
Travellers Inn
Residential Lodge
Alfredo’s Inn
Saint Joseph Resthouse 



(Above are images of Yoghurt House, Masferre Restaurant and Homemade Yogurt in the same order)

There is no fine dining or fancy restaurant in Sagada but the restaurants boasts of always using fresh and organic food. One specialty here that every tourist must try is their home made yoghurt  topped with fresh fruits or home made jam. Another specialty is also their salads with green leafy vegetables that is crunchy and from every bite you would know that it was just recently harvested.

Here are a few restaurants:

Lemon Pie House
Shamrock cage
Bana’s Café
Masferre Restaurant
Yoghurt House

Sagada may be quite far but once you've reached this destination surely you will want to come back. For the budget traveller it will only cost less than Php 5,000 for a 3d/2n stay. Lastly for souvenirs it is highly recommended to bring home sagada's tea leaves, home made fruit jam, fresh sagada oranges and of course a shirt that says "I conquered Sagada"!

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