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Asia Town IT Park


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What used to be Cebu's airport in the '60s is now an Information Technology and Communications hub. Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Cebu Holdings Inc. started the development of Asiatown IT Park in 1996 on a 24- hectare prime land in one of the busiest areas in the city- Lahug. The old airport in Lahug is now a beautifully landscaped environment that has become one of the city's major lifestyle destinations. A home to many global BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Companies, restaurants, cafes, and bars, IT Park provides an integrated experience of dining, wellness, and recreation.

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The park has more than 10 buildings that are equipped with world- class facilities and ample parking spaces within the buildings. It has the TGU Tower which houses banks like Unionbank of the Philippines, Banco de Oro, Export and Industry Bank, and Bank of the Philippine Islands and companies life IBM and Windward Software Philippines, Inc. E-Office One, the oldest buildings in the vicinity, is the home of Aegis People Support in Cebu. Skyrise has iCOMM INTERNATIONAL, Inc. and Microsoft. There's also the PIPC 11 (I1) building which caters to locators such as Stream Global Services, SPi Technologies Inc., and Dash Engineering Philippines, while PIPC 14 (I2) and PIPC 15 (I3) has Convergys. Globe Telecom also has their own building while JP Morgan Chase Inc. and NCR Cebu Development Center, Inc. are housed in the eBloc Tower. 

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As a lifestyle destination, Asiatown IT Park has an impressive selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Beauty and wellness centers like Skin Zone, Body and Sole, and Metro Cebu Oral Rehabilitation Center can also be found here. The ground floors of most buildings in the park are occupied by these types of establishments. The choices vary greatly to suit everyone's preference. Some fastfood chains available are KFC, Jollibee, and Crunch Chicken. For those who avoid fastfood, there's Rai Rai Ken, Abuhan Tres, KUL Kitchen, Chibori Shabu- Shabu & Sushi Bar, Ziburo Korean Restaurant, Chowabungga!, and Ila Puti. For the coffee lovers, there are quite a number of coffee shops. Starbucks, Bo's Coffee, Mocha Blends, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and Coffee Cat are among them. To witness Cebu's nightlife, there's Loft Restaurant and Lounge, The Penthouse, and Patio Ecila.

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The Walk is one building in IT Park that doesn't cater to BPO Companies. Instead, this complex offers more dining options and houses other retailers. It has Mooon Cafe, Casa Verde, and Lamarea as its local locators. Other restaurants and cafes include Pier One, East West, Barbeque Joe, Shakey's, Makan Asian Spices, McDonald's, Figaro, and Tapa King. There's also a Mercury Drug outlet, CD-R King, and Eye Bar. 

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Although this place really comes alive at night since many employees here work the graveyard shift, most establishments in the park provide 24/7 service.


Asiatown IT Park is highly accessible. It is close to many business establishments and hotels like Waterfront Hotel and Casino and Cebu Northwinds Hotel. You will see the park when you find yourself along Salinas Drive. It is right across The Waterfront.

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It is about 30 minutes away from the airport by car and about 20 minutes away from the seaport. One can easily get a taxi to reach IT Park. Jeepneys that service Brgy. Apas like 17 B, 17 C, and 17 D can also be taken to get there.

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