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Ayala Center

Quick facts

Ayala Center Cebu was once an enclosed 44-hectare golf course and clubhouse. The creation of a mini-city was realized in the early 1990’s when a multi-million dollar deal was concluded after the
provincial government agreed.

It was opened in November 1994 and owned and operated by Cebu Holdings Inc.

 It is the first Ayala Shopping Center outside Metro Manila

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Shopping in Cebu is a seamless experience. There is always something appealing for everyone. If you are in search of a treasure cove of surprises to make your sojourn in Cebu, you will find all that you need here at the Cebu Business Park.

The Cebu Business Park is a mini-city peppered with a wide-stretch of high-rise buildings , hotels of international acclaim 
, shopping galore, and a well-designed mini-park and one of Cebu’s biggest malls. 

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The Ayala Center Cebu is located at the heart of Cebu Business Park. This is Cebu’s premier shopping paradise, entertainment hub and food haven rolled into one. The Ayala Center Cebu is designed to make shopping a comfortable experience from sun up to sun down.

Indulge in international fashion labels, affordable basic wear, runway-trendy fashion, accessories, and beauty products. You will definitely be spoilt by the mindboggling fusion of fashion apparel, cool designer goods, fashionable lifestyle products, and clubbing gears. You could also walk into the large Metro Ayala department store and find a myriad of funky labels, local brands, stylish home accessories, to just about anything under your budget. 

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You will definitely be thrilled by what Ayala Center Cebu has to offer. If you ever find your stomach growling from all the shopping, head up to the Food Choices. 

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 They offer a myriad of dining choices at affordable prices ranging from as low as PhP30 to PhP150. If you are searching for an alternative al fresco dining experience, head down to the Terraces. 

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You can also find food stalls everywhere even at the terminal. 
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There is no reason for you to go hungry from all that shopping. So go on, head down to Ayala Center Cebu, now! Jeepney routes to Ayala are numbered 14D, 06H, 04L, 13B, 13C, 20A, 21B.

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Taxi ride from the airport to Ayala Center Cebu may cost around PhP120-150.

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For your inquiries, you may call (32) 5152035 or text AYALAMALLS to 2948


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The Ayala Center Cebu unveiled on October 30, 2008 a P600-million redevelopment that transformed a simple lagoon area into a food, beverage, and entertainment strip. Cebu Holdings, Inc. dubbed this as “The Terraces.” This cluster of dining, café and lifestyle outlets is reflective of the cosmopolitan Cebuano lifestyle. It evokes a resort feel through the orchestrated water-features, lush greenery, and landscaped gardens. 

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The Terraces is buzzing with so much excitement as it offers Shopping, Wellness, and Dining and Entertainment. 

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Its different dining destinations offer world class cuisines. There is the international brand TGI Fridays. A homegrown Lemon Grass which offers Vietnamese and Thai culinary treasures is also making its name and is becoming a big hit among visiting foodies. For hearty and organic meals, there is the Gustavian Ayala where its menu is prepared by Swedish and Austrian chefs. If you want to indulge and relish in home-cooked dishes and Cebuano native-style cooking, include in your list an icon in Cebuano dining-----Hukad sa Golden Cowrie. 

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For your sweet tooth, head down and try the irresistible desserts at Vanille Patisserie offering French-Filipino flavored cakes, tarts, pastries, and mousse. There are also other restaurants that you need to visit like UCC Café Terrace, Café Laguna, Sunburst, Postrio, Teriyaki Boy, Sizzling Pepper Steak, Gelatissimo, Big Mao, Gerry’s Grill, Majestic, La Tegola, Cyma, Yellow Cab, Don Henrico’s, Shakey’s, and a whole lot more. 

If you will be arriving in Cebu a little early in the morning and you find yourself hungry, go directly to The Terraces in Ayala. Some shops open at 7 am to serve coffee and breakfast. 

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The Terraces

Gloria Jeans Coffee 101
The Gustavian 103
Cyma Estiatorio 104
Siam Thai Cuisine 105
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 106
Laguna Garden 107
Starbucks 111
La Tegola 112
Red Box 113
Gelatissimo 115
Seattle’s Best 116
Banana Leaf 117
TGI Friday’s 119
Café Laguna 120
Lemon Grass 121
Choi Garden 122
UCC Terrace Café 127
Starbucks 135
Healthy Options 102
Belo Medical 123
Green Apple Dental 125
The Spa at Cebu 126
Fossil 128
United Colors of Benetton 129
Crocs 130
Chocolate 131
Promod 132
Nike Women 133
Mango 134
The Face Shop 136
Azaleia 137
Schu 138
EP Espada 139
Levi’s Girl 140
Topshop 141
Hukad 201
Mooon Café 203
La Maison 204
Laguna Garden 207
Sunburst 208
Starbucks 211
Bread Talk 212
Pancake House 213
Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak 214
Teriyaki Boy 215
Gerry’s Grill 216
Postrio 217
Big Mao 218
Bo’s Coffee Club 220
Figaro Coffee 221
Don Henrico’s 222
Vanille Patisserie 223
VMV Hypoallergenics 233
Fully Booked 210
Watsons 219
Folded & Hung 224
Simon 225
Diego 226
Regatta 227
Space 228
Alberto 229
Iora 231
Maldita 232
Traffic 234
Bleach Catastrophe 235
Milk & Co. 236
Kashieca 237
Bench 248
Bigby’s Cefe & Restaurant 301
Bistro Ecila 302
Casa Verde 304
Dessert Factory 305
Kublai Khan 306
Guigan’s Island 307
Shakey’s 308
Yellow Cab 309
Roma Mia 313
Nokia 314
Maloperro 315
iStore 316
HP Solutions Center 317
Globe Telecom 318
Sun Shop 319
DataBlitz 320
Tech Target 321
Sony Square 322
Sony Ericsson 323
Nokia Care 324
Samsung 325
NGenius 326
Thinking Tools 327
Electroworld 328
Avant Abenson 329

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