Guidelines to Writers

About this site

This site intends to be a practical walk through guide to all destinations within Philippines.  Our coverage is in-depth and once you go through our reviews you don't need to read another and you can visit and enjoy the place 100%. Just try the site and You will like it. 

You are welcome to write reviews in this site. 

We need hundreds of reviews. So no problem for willing writers. 

This site is just 30 days old and we have some reviews already posted. 

Have a look at the reviews and join as a writer. 

Our site aims to be walk through travel web site. That means any review will contain details from start to finish with a pic for each step, 

Payment Terms

We pay 350 pesos for the kind of articles written in the site. We transfer money immediately via paypal. 
If you want to deliver by western union or like. We will send payment after bunching 10 reviews. Since it costs significant amount to transfer money physically. 

What to review

Please let us know whether you are interested to work. You can review any thing in Philippines as per your choice. For example- Tourist spots, hotels, shopping Malls, pubs, beaches, general review of cities etc. It is your choice. Imagination is only limit. Only condition is that it should be useful to some one visiting philippines. 

You can submit unlimited reviews per day. Only condition is that it that you should not copy from any where. The language should be your own and pics from your camera. That's it.

One more thing we need to say is that, 

1. Amount you earn depends on the amount of reviews you produce. 
2. This job is mainly kind of part time and extra income generating rather than main occupation. Any way we have no constraints on the number of reviews we accept. 
3. Since others are also submitting reviews, kindly let me know in advance the projects you will be working so that there is no duplication.
4. The reviews submitted will become property of our site and you cannot submit same to any other web site. 
5. I like to hear from you whatever you feel this project. 
6. Reviews should be written in third person and not first person. Should avoid using words "I" "We" "us" etc. 

How to write reviws: 

You see the site..we have many reviews posted. The words and number of pics depend on the place you review. Have a look at it and you will understand. each review will have 10 to 30 pics and text in between. 

Have a look at the site and read couple of reviews. You will understand. 

Here is a quick update on how to send reviews:

1. Just write the text in MSword. Each review should be minimum 500 words. there is no maximum limit. 

2.  wherever you want to insert images just write the image number

3.  Email the text and attach images (IN ZIP FILE)  to the email and send to to me.  

4. We will do the rest. 

Picture specifications

  •  Images should be of width 1024 pixels are higher.
  •  We will resize it to 1024 pixels if they are higher.  
  • Please attach unedited pics. No editing the pics. Editing gives uneven sizes. 
  • We must emphasise that we need a pic for each step of the review. The review should guide the traveller as if he is your younger brother. As if he does not know anything. Text combined with pic for each step will explain him every thing. 
  • Please attach the pics which were taken mainly focussing individulas
  • Please do not send review and pics of the places you have already visited, because the pics might not have been taken with a view to write travel reviews. We need pics which were taken after you expressed desire to write travel reviews.  We need pics taken for your visits now onwards. 
  • If you are reviewing a building we definitely need long shots of the building from different angles as well as different parts of interior.  

What Else

We acknowledge all contributions at the bottom of each page. Your name is there and whole world knows that you have contributed the review. We also watermark the pictures you submit to credits to you in adition to copyright information. 

When you write to us please send the following details
Next 5 reviews/topics you like to work on. These will be listed in the page titled Forthcoming Reviews
and this is to avoid duplication.