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Iligan City Review

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Iligan City is located in the southern coastal part of the Philippines, a first class city in the province of Lanao del Norte that plays a vital role in the progressive industry in Mindanao, housing more than ten industrial plants. The second largest city in Northern Mindanao next to Malaybalay in Bukidnon. It is a predominantly Christian settlers about ninety percent of the total population but a mixture of Muslim community. Home of the country’s steel industry, Mindanao’s electric power source and two elected Presidents of the republic, the Macapagals. Rich in cultural heritage as it showcase during Dyandi Festival, a festivity of its patron saint San Miguel Archangel in the month of September. Blessed by nature with twenty three waterfalls within its territorial landscapes earning the moniker ‘City of Majestic Waterfalls’.  

Scenic Spots

Among those twenty three is the magnificent Maria Cristina Falls. (Please insert pic 1, 11, 10, 3) Located 9 kilometers away from the city proper, in Barangay Buru-un. Famed for its natural beauty and grandeur cascading 320 feet high was utilized to power the Agus hydroelectric generating plant that supplies 80 percent of the total energy requirement in the Mindanao region. Its water ragged down to Agus river creating tremendous rapids ideal for water rafting. (Please insert pic 4, 6, 7, 8) On the bank of the river lies the power plant off National Power Corporation The soon to open nature park of Maria Cristina will feature cable zip line, rock climbing, water rafting, picnic grooves and mini zoo. (Please insert pic 2, 13, 12, 5)

In Barangay Bonbonon 14.5 kilometer away from the city proper lies a resplendent and ample water falls that stands 65 feet high, Dodiongan Falls, the mystic beauty of the falls cascades down like a concrete boulder and its tranquil cool clear water which is ideal for swimming and lush vegetation is a real haven for nature lovers. (Please insert pic 48)

Tinago Falls of which name derived from a local dialect ‘gitago’ which means ‘hidden’ describes the splendid water plunges 240 feet from the cliff on a deep ravine down to the calm basin-like pool appeared like a blue colored lagoon chilling water. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mindanao, nestled in the ravine of Barangay Ditucalan, 13.8 kilometer away from the city proper, need for trekking exactly 379 descending steps on a winding staircase. (Please insert pic 56)

Claimed to be the highest waterfalls in the Philippines with its breathtaking 870 feet two tiered falls located in Barangay Rogongon, 35 kilometers away from the city proper is the Limunsudan Falls can be reach through trekking in two days. (Please insert pic 52)

Mimbalut Falls, approximately 90 feet high and 18 feet wide, situated in Barangay Buru-un, 11 kilometers away from the city proper.  Feel the alluring chilling effect of its naturally limpid water rushing down like a shower. (Please insert pic 54)

Among other waterfalls which has limited accessibility are Hindang Falls, Abaga Falls, Kalubinhon Falls, Langilanon Falls, Pampam Falls, Lumbatin Falls, Dalipuga Falls, Guimbalolan Falls, Kalisaon Falls, Kamadahan Falls, Kibalaug Falls, Kamadahan Falls, Kibalaug Falls, Languyon Falls, Linalot Falls, Malaigang Falls, Malapacan Falls, Malinao Falls. 

Man made attractions

Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House in Timoga, Buru-un boasts to have resided two Philippines’ president, the father Diosdado Macapagal and the daughter Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. (Please insert pic 18, 23, 46, 21) The ancestral house features the memorabilia of the Macapagal family. (Please insert 26, 31, 32, and 42)

Timoga Spring Pools also in Buru-un known for its pristine, cool, clear spring waters freely flowing down stream towards several swimming pools where everyone can enjoy a picnic and swimming in the sprawling resorts. (Please insert pic 62, 65)

Maze Park Resort, a perfect place for nature lovers who appreciate the beauty of solace, situated in Mimbalot Buru-un, 11kilometers away from the city proper with an Olympic size swimming pool and several smaller pools with different shapes. Its amenities include cottages, restaurants, botanical garden and a mini zoo. (Please insert pic 63 and 66)

Taytay Swimming Pool located in Buru-un, a spring pool with a huge swimming pool and lush green surroundings.

Centennial Park located in Dalipuga, is a public park with the great view of Iligan bay area surrounded with huge trees and various plants. 

Aside being known as the city of waterfalls, Iligan a highly urbanized city in Lanao del Norte that attributes to industrial progress of the nation as it housed several industries, commending it the ‘Industrial Center of the South’. To name a few of this industrial plants Treasure Steel Corporation, Granexport Manufacturing Corporation, Pilmico foods Corporation, Iligan Cement Corporation, Holcim Philipppines (please insert pic 57, 59, 60, 61) 

One of the most prestigious universities in the country is MSU-IIT ranked as one of the top ten universities in the Philippines located in Tibanga highway few kilometers away from the heart of the city. (Please insert pic 67) 


Another Iliganon’s pride is the Sukang Pinakurat, known for its brand of spicy vinegar made from fermented coconut nectar and spices grown in the farmlands of Iligan City and Lanao del Norte.

Cheding’s peanuts, try the delectable roasted peanuts which has several variants original, sugar-coated, salted. (Please insert pic 67

Never miss to try Iligan’s  ‘Lechon Baboy’ or roasted pork, a whole pig of which entrails are removed seasoning it with lemon grass, bell pepper, salt, and other spices, then skewering the entire pig on a large stick and roast it on a pit filled with flaming charcoal. (Please insert pic 68) 


Reaching Iligan City from Manila or Cebu through air transport via Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Zest Air to Cagayan de Oro City domestic airport in Lumbia, then take a taxi going to Bulua Bus Terminal and take a bus ride on Rural Transit or Super 5 for about one hour and half. On the other hand, one can rent a van or car from Lumbia airport for direct travel to Iligan City.

Seaport of Iligan city serves passenger ship like Superferry, Negros Navigation, Cokaliong, Cebu Ferries, Gothong and Sulpicio Lines and other cargo vessels with Iligan –Manila route and vice versa, Iligan – Cebu route and vice versa.

Mode of transportation around the city are jeepneys, taxi cabs, motorcycle, ‘trisikad’, a bicycle with side cart for passengers and the ‘tartanillas’ also known as calesas (Please insert pic 69 and 77) 


There several accommodations within the city to choose from The Cheradel Suites located in Jeffrey Road Pala-o, Elena Tower Inn along the national highway in Tibanga, Maria Cristina Hotel right across the city plaza in General Aguinaldo Street, Crystal Inn situated in Barangay San Miguel, Corporate Inn in Isabel Village, Famous Pensionne House in Barangay San Miguel, Jalexis Inn within the city proper and Kingsway Inn along Roxas Avenue. 

Dining & Nightlife

There are even numerous bars that will spice up the visitor’s fun cravings, Atmosfera located in Romero Street, Twilight Bar, Bat C, Iliganon, Silvestro’s all located in Pala-o, El Centro and Bangkok Nights within the city proper. Restaurants include Tatay’s Grill, Kuzina Iliganon and Enang’s both along the highway. For pizza and pasta lovers Calda, Kyla’s, Pizzaria, and Pizza Station are just around the corners, Renz Grille Central, Tita Fannie’s, Nokies and Madelicious are located within the city proper. For coffee and pastry lovers Aruma, Zoey, Brew’s Almighty is just around the city. 

Never miss also to visit the overlooking vicinity of Iligan City Hall in Buhanginan Hills, one hundred thirty feet above sea level especially at night, where one can view the entire city cascading with beauty and glitters.

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