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SM Mall of Asia (MOA)


SM Mall of is the largest mall in the Philippines and 3rd largest in the world. It has become the Philippines largest mall and 3rd largest in the world standing in over 400,000 square meter area of land. This mall is located at the southern end of EDSA at Bay City, Pasay City. One can find a gigantic globe right in front of the mall with the map of the Philippines easily seen. 



There are several ways to get to MOA either by taxi, using your private vehicle, bus or jeepney. If by taxi just tell the driver you want to go to MOA. By using your car get to EDSA go south until you reach the end, when you see the globe you can choose either to park at the North Park Building by turning right or go to the South Park Building and turn left. Riding a bus you just need to get to EDSA and look for the bus that displays Baclaran or MIA in front these are going to turn at the rotunda in front of MOA.

If you don’t want to ride the bus you can take the MRT or LRT until Baclaran station then ride the jeep or bus along EDSA bound for MOA. The public transportation is available at the North Park Building and South Park Building.


The mall is divided into four buildings but is linked by the use of walkways.  One can see the division of the buildings because of the open areas.

There is the Main Mall, Entertainment Mall the North and South Car park buildings. At the Main Mall


you can find retail outlets, restaurants, café, bakeshops, coffee shops, ice skating rink and the food court.


This location is also where they hold fashion shows, product launches, mini concerts, etc. The Entertainment mall

 you can find music hall, bowling

and billiards center, SM Science Discovery Center, IMAX Theater, center stage,

Director’s Club and six cinemas.

 The North park building at the first level is the SM Hypermarket

which is the grocery and the second level is the Teleperformance call center office. While at the South park building you can find the SM Department Store.  Every main entrance of the mall has an online directory of where establishments are located. 

 The mall also has provided a 20-seater tram which travels around the mall grounds for visitors who do not want to walk around the premise it passes by every after 15 minutes. 

SM MOA is also very child friendly and family oriented. They have a carousel inside the mall. A playground for kids and activity areas where the whole family can do creative work like drawing or coloring and painting. (Pic22,Pic23,Pic24)


The first IMAX Theater in the Philippines.

First Olympic sized ice skating rink.


Music Hall that is open air which holds several events, product launches, contests, mini concerts and shows. This is located in the Entertainment mall.

An esplanade at the back of the mall which is called San Miguel by the Bay. This is where people usually hangout for drinking sessions and watch the fireworks display every weekend. There are rows of restaurants and bars that are open till the late hours of the evening. Most of the restaurants here specialize in serving seafoods at a affordable price. The past World Pyro Olympics was also held here at the San Miguel by the Bay. There are also activities for kids like the carousel.

The Science Discovery Center that features a digital planetarium and science exhibits.

Restaurants are aligned at the Entertainment Mall facing Manila Bay where diners can have a view of the bay and also watch the sunset.


SM MOA has a wide variety of food. The restaurants are countless and is distributed in all four buildings. One can choose from a fastfood chain, a restaurant, coffee shop, fine dining, eat all you can buffet, ice cream shops, coffee shops and a whole lot more. After strolling for several hours shoppers usually eat at the mall since there are so many choices.


Anybody who loves to stroll, shop, eat and hang out with friends or family SM MOA is definitely a good choice because it has everything a mall could offer good ambiance, hundreds of restaurants and shops, and a lot of recreational areas.

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