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Discovering Antulang Beach Resort

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Located in Central Visayas, Negros Oriental is bordered by the Tañon strait on the east and by the Sulu Sea on the south.  With its rich and diverse marine life, it is no surprise that Negros Oriental attracts the adventurous traveler seeking to explore the living treasures of its reefs and many diving sites.  But, those who simply yearn for a place to relax and unwind are often pleasantly surprised to find that such a place exists in Negros Oriental.  Nestled up in the cliffs with the sun, sea, and sky as its magnificent backdrop, Antulang Beach Resort offers a haven of solitude and peace amidst the picturesque setting.

      Located in Siaton, Negros Oriental, Antulang is an hour and a half drive from the city of Dumaguete.  The most convenient and hassle-free way to get there is to have the resort shuttle pick you up from the city.  Transport may be arranged by calling the resort in advance; one-way transfer costs approximately PhP1100 per trip regardless of the number of passengers.  The price is worth the convenience, as commuting through public transportation involves a jeep/bus ride from Dumaguete to Siation, and then a habalhabal (motorcycle) ride up a steep winding road to the resort.   

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      Since Antulang is located up in the cliffs, the drive takes you to a winding road uphill.  Be sure to take a souvenir snapshot when you pass by a good vantage point where Tambobo Bay—a placid lake that serves a docking place for boats and yachts-- is visible.

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      Upon arrival at the resort, the resort shuttle drops you off at the entrance where the friendly resort staff welcome you with a fresh lei and a drink.  While waiting to be checked-in, you can relax on the couch and help yourself to some of the freshly picked fruit offered by the resort for free.  Upon check-in, the helpful resort staff will escort you to your reserved accommodation. 

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      There are various types of accommodation in Antulang depending on the budget.  There are standard cabanas available for those preferring the basic amenities (airconditioned room with bed, toilet and bath) while a luxurious pool villa offers much more—a private Jacuzzi and a private pool overlooking the sea.  There are other types of accommodation depending on the view.  The Sea View Cottage, for example, is perched on the rocky cliff and gives a panoramic view of the sea right from your room window.

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      The resort offers many facilities located in different areas so be sure to request for a resort map from the Reception Desk so that you won’t get lost.  Common facilities include a souvenir shop, a mini-aviary, a monkey cage, and a garden located near the pool area.  Aside from the rectangular swimming pool, the resort also features an Infinity Pool where one can leisurely bathe while gazing into the sea and sky.  Swimmers can sunbathe under the sun or gaze up into the stars because the pool is lighted at night.  A practice diving area is also located at the side of the Infinity Pool. 

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      There is the Japi Restaurant, which serves as the main dining area.  The menu is varied, ranging from local cuisine (grilled squid, fish, or pork with rice) to international (pasta).  Prices are a bit on the steep side, with one dish averaging PhP350 per serving.  Waldo’s Bar offers cocktails and other beverage (alcoholic and non-alchoholic) which may be enjoyed with an overlooking view of the seascape.  Room service is only available for guests staying in pool villas.   

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      Antulang’s location at the southern tip of the Negros Island makes it unique and special.  According to the resort’s literature, “from where the lighthouse stands, one can see both sunrise and sunset.”  Also, standing on the resort’s balcony at the middle and facing the sea on a clear day, Apo Island (on the left) and Dipolog (on the right) are both visible. 

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      Being in this secluded location, Antulang offers its guests the rare gift of solitude and serenity—a peaceful haven away from the hectic pace of the outside world.  Thus, Antulang can be enjoyed in simple ways—a restful afternoon on a hammock strung under the tree, a quiet corner in the balcony, or a relaxing break on one of the view decks near the pool.   

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      For those looking for action, the resort offers various water activities such as diving, kayaking, and snorkeling (which may either be for a fee or complimentary, depending on the package/accommodation that you availed).  Antulang, according to the resort’s literature, means “bivalve” or “giant clam.”  The resort is aptly named because there are a lot of petrified clams around the area, while clams of various sizes are abundant in the surrounding waters.  Marine life is vibrant in Antulang’s waters, and because of its clear waters, one can even see the fishes from the cliff!  For a more unforgettable experience, embark on a cruise aboard the resort’s very own yacht named Annabel Lee, or take a spin on one of its other boats.  Sunset cruises are usually offered for a group, although a private cruise may also be arranged with dinner onboard for a more romantic atmosphere.  Rental rates vary on the size of the group, so it’s best to inquire from the Reception Desk. 

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      Enjoy Antulang’s private strip of a beach, which can be explored by foot or by horseback (for a fee per hour, inclusive of the guide), if you please.  The beige sand is coarse and consists mostly of pebbles which used to be corals.  The beach is best enjoyed through an early morning walk during low tide.  A note of caution: watch your step when passing through the edge of the cliffs during high tide.  The force of the water splashing on the rocks might startle you, so be sure to keep your footing secure. 

      Being situated on the cliff, Antulang has been gifted with many interesting rock formation, so try to explore some around the resort.  The formations make an interesting background for a rugged picture.  Or if you are not afraid of heights, try the resort’s rock climbing challenge by scaling the cliffs.  The resort will provide a guide and equipment, which is included in the fee.  Hanging on the cliffs with the sun above, the water below, and the wind around you is sure to be an unforgettable experience! 

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      For reservation and booking concerns, you may call the Antulang Beach Resort Sales Office (029145526 – Manila; 0920-9476373 – Dumaguete) or visit their official website at 

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