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Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour

The area of Sabang in Puerto Princesa has among the most diverse mangrove forests in the island with hectares of mangroves thriving lusciously.  

Mangroves are very important in supporting the rich marine life in the region where smaller fishes feed and reproduce. 


The Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour offers an educational tour by boat through Sabang’s mangrove forests.  To get there, one will need to make a 15 minute trek from Sabang’s port area through Sabang beach resorts. And arriving at the starting point, one will need to register and pay a fee to join the boat tour. 


On board the boat which has a capacity of 6 persons, a paddler and a guide comes along.  Each person is also provided with life vests for safety purposes and umbrellas to repel heat from the sun.   The tour goes slowly as guests are paddled deep into the forest while following the river through it.  On the shoreline, it is common to see mudskippers and monitor lizards while on the branches of the overhanging mangrove trees snakes may be spotted. 


As the river goes deeper in the forest, the _river narrows and becomes shallower.  On shallower parts of the river, the water spans wider through the forest grounds where roots of the mangroves grow on.  Also, deeper in the forest, the mangroves stand very high above the ground. 


At the turning point within the forest, the tour takes a few minute of rest where the visitors are allowed to alight the boats and walk on the roots of the mangroves.  Guides also pick up woodworms or ‘tamilok’ as they are called locally.   Tamilok is favorite dish of the locals.   


After the whole tour, each guest is given a mangrove sapling where they are encouraged to plant these in the planting area.  This is to inspire people in preserving the mangroves.

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