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Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari is one of Subic Bay Freeport’s nature theme parks that offer visitors a different kind of adventure.   The theme park main feature is its Tiger Safari where Tigers freely roam an enclosed area.  It is in Zambales province

This is located in the midst of Ilanin Forest at the southern part of the Subic Bay Freeport near its Morong Gate.  From Manila, one will need to drive about 2 hours north through North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) and transferring to Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx) taking a southwest direction to Subic.   Then, one will need to drive through the Tipo Expressway to reach the Subic Bay Freeport and take about 10km south to the park.   

Upon arrival, one will need to purchase tickets to the park with options to buy tickets for a tram ride to the safari.  Also, guests may buy dressed chickens that will be used on the actual tiger safari ride to feed the tigers. 


Visitors are initially gathered in the main hall where a park guide is assigned. In this area, big cages are located where some of the park’s tigers are housed.   Beside these cages, a photo section is located where guests may have the opportunity to take their pictures with a tiger cub.  While in the middle of the hall is a performance stage where some of the animal shows are performed. 


First part of the park tour is through the Zoobic Park where guests are introduced to different farm animals, rodents, birds, and other animals that are endemic to the Philippines.  The zoo tour takes about an hour long.  

After the tour to the mini zoo, guests are led to the park’s Serpentarium which is located in an old bunker.   Inside, different snake species are found including pythons which are commonly found in the country and other lizards. 


Then, guests are led to the pickup point for the tram ride.  From here, a train tram leads the visitors to other parts of the park.  
The first stop of the tram is at the Tiger Safari ride where visitors transfer to specially caged jeepneys.   On the ride, a park guide joins a group that purchased dressed chickens. The chickens are tied to a noose.   During the ride which takes about 5-10 minutes long, the park guide would throw the tied chicken outside of the jeepney through an opening of its caged doors.  Tigers then chase the chickens and of course the jeepney ride.  This adds to the thrill of the ride specially as the tigers devour the chicken at close range or above the jeepney ride. 


After the safari adventure, guests continue the tram ride to the adjacent tiger cages for the Close Encounter.  Here guests walk through a narrow path through each tiger cage.   Then next stop is the Savannah section where ostriches freely roam a large enclosed area. 


Last stop of the tram ride is at the Animal Muzoolum which is a small museum of different fossils and is also housed within an old bunker.  From here, guests continue the tour by walking to the Aeta’s Trail where guests are invited to watch a short show performed by the Aetas.  They perform different traditional dances like their dance for war and the monkey dance. 


At the end of the trail, guests enter the Croco Loco area which is dedicated to the park’s crocodiles.  Here guests walk through a metal path on top of a large den of crocodiles.  Dressed chicken tied to a bamboo pole is also sold on this section to allow guests to feed the crocodiles. 


The Zoobic Safari has a lot of attractions to offer and will take a visitor about 4 hours to finish its whole tour.  The best time to visit should be during the dry seasons between November and May.  Also, holidays and weekends may become to crowded so it is best to visit the park during this non peak days.

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